Why Green Valley Nepal Treks

Why GNT? Green Valley Nepal Treks and Research Hub (P) Ltd.

About Company:

The Eco friendly travel adviser in Nepal.......
Why Green Valley Nepal Treks and Research Hub (P)Ltd is special to you and to our employees!

Authorized Company:

Green Valley Nepal Treks and Research Hub (P)Ltd is a well established company registered to the government authorities of Nepal with the mission to enchant traveler with unforgettable travel experience

Well-experienced tour operators:

This leading company distinguish itself through a consolidate team of well-experienced guides professionally working in the real fields of tourism for 10 years. It’s the innate knowledge on the nation’s culture, religion, history, geography, Economy and outstanding guiding background that makes this company successful throughout the years.

Eco travel:

Green Valley Nepal Treks and Research Hub (P)Ltd always is highly aware to preserve the natural beauty and culture of our destinations so that future generations can also explore the wonders of this fragile environment. That means that we are committed to responsible travel with minimum impact on the environment and local communities.

Eco-friendly tips:

Save fuel & energy as far as possible. Enjoy your trip without bonfires.
Reduce plastic & paper use
Buy local organic foods instead of consuming imported items
Use low-impact transportation such as walking, bicycling, and taking public transportation whenever possible.
Carry out what you carry in, Take only photos leave only footprints.
Use Eco friendly internet search engine; for example http://ecosia.org/

Unique pension fund for trekking crews:

Green Valley Nepal Treks and Research Hub (P)Ltd has a full insurance policy for all our, all field workers; trekking guides, mountain climbers, porters........ This unique insurance coverage all the cost of health cure if injured or sick and serves the pension fund if any employee is disable physically to continue to carry on their jobs for the company. Be kindly noted that ONLY few Travel company provides a pension fund which only can be found in Nepal in government branche.

Support of community:

Green Valley Nepal Treks and Research Hub (P)Ltd is engaged in an joint effort with other associations in the sector of education, health care and environment of those by poverty plagued communities of Nepal, also supporting economically and morally in order to improve the status of their life. Here some examples:

Our employees have the opportunity to nominate social project. For instance Water Care in their own village, to help build a new school, installation of computers. Green Valley Nepal Treks and Research Hub (P)Ltd considers her staff as family members. And if we be capable of help somewhere, then we will!

Green Valley Nepal Treks and Research Hub (P)Ltd is involved in international projects such as providing dental services, Medical Checks and various educational & envionmental programs in schools.


Any trip relies on professional staff and....equipment. All our equipment is in perfect condition. Therefore we continuously invest in a the best possible equipment for all staff for their safety and to ensure that to our guests. And also here we try to buy or size the equipment by Nepalese vendors.

So you see: we are not just any simply agency: Green Valley Nepal Treks and Research Hub (P)Ltd provide professional service to our customers with typical Nepalese hospitality at the best treatment and our heartfelt service!

Caring about employees:

Unfortunately, there are still many agencies in Nepalese tourism that can be described as economic and social abusive. Think about carriers or Sherpas not or paid very poorly, not having any kind of insurance, who have no protective clothing or work in even being sick ...

Green Valley Nepal Treks and Research Hub (P)Ltd does not approve these practice so we can state that our employees have all fixed, monthly salaries, and also freelance employees are paid a decent wage. Far more important: we provide constant training. Every employee gets the opportunity of personal development, with a courses on English, flora, fauna, history, training as a mountain guide ...

Our employees are seen as our key assets!

Holding on to the good values of different cultures:

Interacting with very different cultures for Western travelers is an interesting and enriching event, but at the same time all visits implies that Western behavior patterns are introduced in our communities. It is therefore important that visitors be well aware of the possible impact of their visit and must understand that especially poor people like to adapt to Western values and behaviour as much as possible. Our Nepalese guides like to tell and guide you about local values, so your journey will gain an extra!

And you as our customer still can profit from lower prices, compared to so call big Nepalese and foreign companies, without compromising on quality! Customer care is among the highest of our priorities and we are on our toes to accomplish this task at any hour!!!