Research Flora and Fauna

AS Nepal has natural beauty with different kinds of Flora and Fauna, this could be the fertile land for those who are looking for an exclusive Research about Flora and Fauna. In Nepal we could find these Birds, Animal, Flowers & Vegetations; Lopophore(Danpe) Raven, Snow Bear, Musk Deer, Red Panda, Snakes, Monal , Peacock, Dove, Luinche, Deer, Deer, Ghoral, Thar, King Cobra, Patridge, Peacock, Dhanesh, Rhina, Tiger etc. besides these we can find more than 700 kinds of Vegetations, 450 types of Butterfly.

Forest of Nepal:

Research flora and faunaNepal has rich and varieties of forest in the past and now the forest is disappearing very fast but it still covers from 25 to 30 percent of land surface. Tarai forest consist mostly Shorea robusta locally called Sal. It is dense in the western and far western Nepal. In the forest big and high trees in the sandy area consist of Simal malabarica which gives red flower in spring and also cotton. In Churia Hill where it reaches to 4000 ft. from the mean sea level the pine tree starts and pine tree having leaves like long hair is beautiful and at the same times leaves being acidic no other shrubs are found to grow underneath. The terrain above 1200 ft. the plants are found in the dwarf form. Rhododendron of midland Himalayas bear multiple coloured flowers ranging from white to red blood and it starts flowering in February and March and the terrain is really beautiful. Katus (Catonpsis Indica) continues from midlands to Himalayas. Sometimes maple are found in higher level. At elevation of 10000 ft. the the pine changes species to Gobare Sallo. Thousands of varieties of wild growing Mushroom and orchids are seen in the mountains and also lots of wild eatable vegetable like bamboo shoots, Thatne, Niuro etc.


Fauna of Nepal:

Flora and faunaIn the Terai big game animals are found like wild elephant in Bardiya and Kailai Kanchanpur, one horn Rhinoceros in Chitawan Valley, wild buffalo (Arna) in Koshi mander (tappu) area, stag in Suklaphant area with blue ball, spotted deer, barking deer, wild boar, leopard, tiger, jackal, fox are found all over. Rabbit, Partridge and wild hens are found in the river bush area. Peacocks are found in western Nepal. Dolphin in Narayani River, crocodile in Narayani and Karnali rivers. Birds are parrots (varieties) Doves (grey and green), Dhanesh (big and small) ducks, egrets. In hill very few birds and animlas are seen. In Khaptad, wild boar, black beer are common, wild goat is found in the cliff. In mountains where population is sparse still varieties of animals are found. Musk deer, Thar, leopard, bear, tiger are found. In birds Chaynkura in Doti and Jumla, and Lopophar and Danphe (multi coloured bird) at all the places in high Himalayas.

Flora and fauna of Nepal can be separate into four regions. Ranging from the subtropical forests of the Terai to the great peaks of the Himalayas in the north, Nepal abounds with some of the most spectacular sceneries in the whole of Asia, with a variety of fauna and flora also unparalleled elsewhere in the region. Between Nepal’s geographical extremes, one may find every vegetation type, from the treeless steppes of the Trans-Himalayan region in the extreme north and the birch, silver fir, larch and hemlock of the higher valleys to the oak, pine and rhododendron of the intermediate altitudes and the great sal and sissau forests of the south.

The rolling densely forested hills and broad Dun valleys of the Terai along with other parts of the country, were formerly, renowned for their abundance and variety o wildlife. Though somewhat depleted as a result of agricultural settlements, deforestation, poaching and other causes, Nepal can still boast richer and more varied flora and fauna than any other area in Asia. For practical purposes, Nepals flora and fauna can be divided into four regions:-

  • Tropical Deciduous Monsoon Forest
  • Subtropical Mixed Evergreen Forest
  • Temperate Evergreen Forest
  • Subalpine And Alpine Zone

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