Kathmandu Valley Biking Tour Itinerary

  • Day 1 Kathmandu to Nagarkot (38 km)

    Starts mountain biking tour after breakfast from Kathmandu, we pass medieval town of Bhaktapur. Bhaktapur is an ancient city present full of Newari culture, many temples and squares. After exploring Bhaktapur we head northeast to Nagarkot on pitch road. We ride climb 20km to Nagarkot passing steeply terraced rice fields and villages, when we reach on the top if weather is clear, we will be able to see the Himalayan range of Langtang and Khumbu region.

  • Day 2 Nagarkot - Namo Buddha- Dhulikhel (35 km)

    After breakfast in Nagarkot we start second day mountain biking tour with sunrise views over the Himalayas. After we ride downhill leaving Nagarkot top to Nala other Newari Village. On the way we pass some interesting villages of Chetri and Bharamans people and their daily lives on the fields. Then we leave for Dhulikhel on a dirt trail climbing and descending small hill before reaching the holy Buddhist site of Namo Buddha. According to legend it was here that Buddha, in a previous manifestation, fed his flesh to a hungry tigress as an offering. A stone statue marks the site; there is an active monastery on top of the hil. We follow the picturesque view along tarmac and dirt roads back to Dhulikhel. We spend a night at Dhulikhel. Enjoy sunrise in the morning.

  • Day 3 Namo Buddha to Pauwa - Timal Danda (36 km)

    After breakfast mountain biking trip begin to famous Timal Danda, where lives majority of Tamang people. First part of the riding up to Bhakunde Besi is fine pitched road. From Bhakunde Besi start up hill with full of dust road up to Timalcot. From top of the Timal Danda you will see fantastic views of Himalayan range and Sun koshi river valley to north and south to Mahabharat range. Once you are on top the trip follows will small up and downs and passes many Tamang village up to Pawa.

  • Day 4 Pauwa to Dhulikhel (37 km)

    Ride starts after breakfast with Himalayan views on the north side. Return same trial up to Timalkot. From Timalcot will take a fantastic downhill dust road to Panchal valley. We cross Small River call Ghue Khola and follow the small track of Valley up to Tinpiple of Tamaghat. From Tinpiple to Dhulikhel friendly up hill biking tour with pitched road.

  • Day 5 Dhulukhel to Kathmandu via Lubhu Sisneri (33 km)

    Final day of mountain biking tour around Kathmandu valley, ride passing ancient city of Panauti this is less known town rarely visited by tourists. Indreswor Mahadev Temple in Panauti is the oldest surviving temple in Nepal, believed to be constructed in 1294A.D. Climbing west; we follow small track along the Roshi River. Beyond the town of Madhuban, we enter into a narrow perfect valley ascending 300m on superb trail to reach the summit of Lakhuri Bhanjyang. This is probably the oldest route east out of Kathmandu Valley, connecting the ancient cities of the valley with Panauti. The ethnicity of the people change as we descend from Tamangs, Thakuries and Chhetris to lowland Newari farmers. We then cycle the last part of our journey from Sisneri to Kathmandu city with short visit to Patan Durbar Square.