Trekking Equipment Lists

Green Valley Nepal Treks provides a luggage (for your goods to be carried by porter) and at teahouses you will have foam mattresses. If you are on camping trek, Green Valley Nepal Treks provides the mattresses, tents etc. You may bring your own down jacket and sleeping bag or you may purchase (one quarter of price in KTM) or hire for around US$ 1 per item daily. Do not come without “well walked in boots”-poor boots, poor trek and the best boot the best trek.

Equipment List For Trekking


  • Trekking boot: (Sturdy, ankle –support, water-resistant, well broken in),
  • Thick socks (4 pairs)
  • Light socks (3 pairs)
  • Camp shoes (1 pair)
  • Sandals (1 pair)


  • Sleeping bag (4seasons) 1
  • Down jacket -1
  • Daypack – 1, Duffel Bag- for non trek items left in Kathmandu.
  • Water bottle – 1
  • Sun cream
  • Sunglasses
  • Flashlight with spare bulbs, batteries, lip salve, gaiters.
  • Down or fiber filled waterproof jacket and trousers (1)
  • Fleece jacket or pullover (1)
  • Warm cotton trousers (2 pairs)
  • Shirts and T-shirts (4 pieces)
  • Lightweight cotton long pants (3 pairs)
  • Long under wear (2 pieces)
  • Short under wear (4 pieces)
  • Sun hat or scarf (1) Woolen hat (1)
  • Sunglasses (1)
  • Lightweight gloves (1)
  • Rain coat (1)
  • Heavyweight gloves or mittens with a waterproof (1)


Trekking Poles, Hand sanitizer gel or Handy-wipe, Insect repellent, toilet articles, note book & pen, toilet roll, laundry soap, pocket knife, towel, sewing kit, plasters, binoculars, camera, film, cards and personal medical kit

Official Papers

  • Valid passport
  • Copy of first page of passport
  • Airline tickets
  • Visa form for Nepal (or obtain at Kathmandu airport)
  • 4 extra passport photos

Things to Consider

  • Please remember to always pack essential items such as your passport, money, eyewear, a change of clothing and medications in your carry-on baggage, in case your luggage is delayed. Cameras should also be packed in your carry-on bag.
  • Culturally sensitive dressing tips: For women, pants (or Capri length pants) and/or a skirt (mid-calf or longer) is recommended. Skirts are quite comfortable for trekking (mid-calf length is ideal). Tights, hiking shorts, sports tops or tank tops are inappropriate unless worn under other clothing. For men, pants are best. Men may wear hiking shorts, but they should be longer, near the knees. Men should never go shirtless.
  • This gear list can fit into one large duffel. You may want to consider using Extra Large duffel so that you have space to carry home all the great gifts and souvenirs you’ll be wanting to get.