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Manaslu Trek in the restricted region of Gorkha, Nepal takes you in and around the Manaslu mountain range which is known to be the eighth highest mountain in the world. Despite its high name and popularity, the Manaslu trek is only tried by a few tourists from around the world. Why? For one, the Manaslu region falls under a restricted area in Nepal and has not seen development in any facet, hence it is quite distant to the world, even to Nepal. Manaslu trekking trail is also known to be slightly challenging about other treks in Nepal. Thus, the most asked query in regards to Manaslu Trek is, How difficult is the Manaslu Trek?

Manaslu Trek difficulty Level

Manaslu Trek’s difficulty level is graded as challenging. Although you do not have to be an avid trekker or a mountaineer to go on this trek, you need to have some sort of prior long-distance trekking experience. Earlier in the 1900s Manaslu region was not even accessible easily, but in the present day, there have been many changes and development in the area. As challenging as it may sound, many facts should be known about the Manaslu region before accessing the degree of difficulty. If you are curious about how difficult it is to go on Manaslu trek, then you need to know that many factors affect its difficulty level ranging from your own experiences to the weather in the region. Hence, you should be aware and check the Manaslu trek review before opting to hop on the next flight to western Nepal.

Factors Affecting Manaslu trek difficulty:

Manaslu trek is a lifetime adventure, one of its kind in Nepal. The difficulties are as abundant as adventure and fun. Below listed are the factors that play part in the Manaslu Trek difficulty :

Manaslu Trek difficulty by distance and duration

The Manaslu Circuit trek covers about 175 km of walking distance in total. Dividing that with the days, one has to walk about 12 km roughly every day. And keep in mind that the walk is not as easy as it seems. Each day, you have to hike about 6-8 hours, from early in the morning to evening. The Manaslu trekking map shows that the trek starts in the western region of Nepal, Gorkha. The only way to reach the trailhead is through local buses or private jeeps, after which the trail is only accessible on foot. It takes about 2 weeks to complete the Manaslu trek. Considering the duration and the Manaslu trek distance to walk in that tough terrain, the trek is quite difficult.

Manaslu Trek Difficulty by Weather

The weather is usually clear in the Manaslu region in spring and autumn. However, there might be a sudden change of weather in the higher altitude/ the weather can drop to a record low of -12 degrees in the winter season. The nights are even colder up to -15 degrees in the Manaslu Base Camp. the lower altitude regions such as Sotikhola has up to 8 degrees Celsius temperature during the winter season. Most time of the year, the Larke Pass is covered with snow. Tourists must walk with a guide so that they don’t get lost int he isolated area. The most difficult part of the trek is the weather that you experience onwards Samdo.

Manaslu Trek Difficulty by Altitude

Altitude is an important factor that determines the Manaslu Trek difficulty. The highest point of the Manaslu Circuit Trek is the ManasluLarke Pass at 5100m which is where most trekkers find it difficult to breathe. As you reach higher altitude the oxygen in the air becomes thinner, thus making it difficult to breathe and altering the function of your body. If you walk at a continuous pace and take all precautionary measures, then Altitude Sickness might not be a major difficulty. Altitude sickness shows symptoms such as vomiting, nausea, headache, and shortness of breath. Since there is a sudden rise in altitude, there might be difficulty in walking.

Manaslu Trek Difficulty by Food and Accommodation facility

Manaslu region is home to only a few tea houses along the way. You can expect modest accommodation and food. There aren’t lengthy menus to choose from. The food is good but it takes a lot of effort to prepare, hence the price is high. In the peak season, there might be a slight difficulty in finding good rooms. However, most time of the year, you will find accommodation easily.

Manaslu Trek Cost management

Since the Manaslu region falls under the restricted area, the availability of facilities is very low. Expectantly, the price of even basic food and drinks is very high in this region. Don’t expect to have the facility of an ATM, so keep cash for all payments to be made. The prices can be unexpectedly high in the higher altitude with limited access. Hence, keep ample cash with you in case of an emergency. Up to SotiKhola, you have the facility of Local bus or private jeeps for transportation. If you are opting to complete the Manaslu trek on an optimal budget, then you can hop on the local bus, but if you are looking for luxury and don’t prefer traveling with a crowd of people, then pay a little extra for the Private jeep.

Manaslu Trek difficulty by seasons

Summer Manaslu Trek

Manaslu in the summer season is hot and humid in the lower altitude, particularly in the SotiKhola area. The Summer season in Nepal lasts from June to August. The weather can be unpredictable since there might be chances of rainfall. The rain clouds make the view unclear and the trail slippery. You might even encounter some leeches on the way, so keep bug spray with you at all times.

Manaslu Trek Difficulty in Winter

During the winter from December to February, the temperature is very cold. There will be heavy snowfall in the Larke Pass which will be difficult to cross. Additionally, in this season you will have to carry heavy clothing, so your bags will be full and heavy. The temperature can be anywhere from - 6 to 18 degrees in the day throughout the trek.

Manaslu Trek Difficulty in Autumn

The Autumn season lasts From September to November and is the best time for Manaslu Circuit Trek. It is also one of the peak seasons for trekking. Also, since this is the peak season, the tea houses are motivated to hike the price of rooms and food which is the difficulty of trekking in this season. Having a guide who can negotiate with the locals is an advantage.

Manaslu Trek Difficulty in Spring:

Spring Season in Nepal lasts from March to May which is the perfect season for the Manaslu Trek. The weather is perfect for most of the day and the scenery is clear. However, even the spring season has its own set of drawbacks. A=In the daytime the temperature is mildly warm but then there might be chances of rainfall making the trail slippery and difficult to ascend or descend.

Manaslu trek: Casualty

Accidents and casualty in mountain regions are well-known to many. It is also evident that there can be unforeseen risks in remote, restricted and mountainous areas. There is always a question of safety and security in these regards. Has anyone died in the Manaslu Trek? The answer is no. There have been no reported cases as of now, that claim any deaths in the Manaslu trek. However, there are many cases where people have suffered from Altitude Sickness in the Larke Pass and have had to return immediately or midway. However, since the itinerary is prepared in such a way, keeping in mind the difficulty faced during the trek, the Manaslu trek has not seen any deaths due to avalanche, altitude sickness, or accidents. Compared to many other treks of the same grade of difficulty, Manaslu Trek is safer.

It is advised that whenever you travel outside your country or in any famous travel destination, always get insured! Travel insurance is essential and particularly while traveling in remote areas of Nepal. Keep in mind that physical fitness is also another aspect you need to consider during the trek. Always opt for treks that match your physical fitness.     

Useful tips for Manaslu Trek


  • Acclimatization is very important to avoid altitude sickness. Take days to rest if you do not feel well. Also, keep in mind to fallow the itinerary and not outdo yourself. If you cross the altitude by more than 2000m per day, it is not good for your body.
  • Identify the right travel agent for your Manaslu trek. It is mostly upon the travel agent to make your trip memorable, safe and secure.
  • Hire a Guide and a porter. It is essential to hire a guide for the Manaslu trek. However, make sure with your travel company that the guide is well-experienced in the Manaslu region and can talk well with the locals. Apart from the guide, it is advised that you take a porter to carry your luggage. Having a porter makes it easier for you to trek and gives you greater mobility.
  • A month before you go on the trek, make sure that you train your body. It is not necessary that you build muscles, but that you remain fit and healthy. Avoid smoking and drinking as far as possible to improve your stamina.
  • Take a proper walking pole with you and good hiking boots. Remember, the trek is only as good as your physical comfort.
  • Carry refillable water bottles and a filter and a first aid kit for emergency medical cases.
  • Carry some energy bar to munch on along the way



Manaslu Trek difficulty is not even considered once you reach the Larke pass. The views from the highest points are ravishing and well worth the discomfort if any. However, we, at Nepal Trekking Route make sure that you have a safe, secure, yet adventurous Manaslu trek, through our perfectly drafted Manaslu trek itinerary, guidance, and support. You are bound to have the best time of your life in the wonderful Manaslu Trek.